Gifted or learning challenged?

No more “either or.” Together we can promote an education
that will support his passion and potential.

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Ardent archaeologist or
child with autism?

No more “either or.” Together we can promote an education
that will support his passion and potential.

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Accomplished artist or student
with a math disability?

No more “either or.” Together we can promote an education
that will support her passion and potential.

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Promising paleontologist or student
with a sensory processing disorder?

No more “either or.” Together we can promote an education
that will support her passion and potential.

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Violin virtuoso or student with
a writing disability?

No more “either or.” Together we can promote an education
that will support her passion and potential.

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Twice Informative. Twice Supportive. Twice Resourceful. Twice Understanding. 

Parents of twice exceptional children need one comprehensive source of information, resources and support. That source is TECA.  

Twice exceptional students are those who are gifted with some form of disability or learning challenge.

Twice Exceptional Children’s Advocacy’s (TECA) mission is to help parents understand what twice exceptionality is and help them identify whether their children are 2e. We are here to assist parents in finding and advocating for the education and resources their children require. TECA is working to create a strong, vibrant, accepting community for 2e children and their families. TECA provides parents with a one-stop source for 2e, so they can spend less time searching for information and resources, and more time with their child and family. TECA promotes support for the whole 2e child – for both their special gifts and talents in all domains, and for their learning differences or disabilities. We also offer support groups and community online forums for parents of 2e children. TECA makes available a wide range of offerings to help make parenting a 2e child easier.

What are the symptoms and signs of a child who is twice exceptional?

TECA will familiarize you with the characteristics of 2e to help you identify, understand and support your child’s unique social, emotional and academic needs.

About 2e

Where can I find the right services and assistance for my child?

TECA members will have access to our database of providers who have extensive experience with 2e kids and who offer appropriate services to suit their needs.

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How can I communicate my child’s needs to others?

TECA encourages and assists families in establishing collaborative relationships with their children’s school and community to foster positive outcomes.


Where do I find a supportive community of parents?

TECA provides parents with a safe and supportive community where they can learn, follow and share common experiences with peers.

About TECA

Not every gifted child is twice exceptional, but every twice exceptional child is gifted.

Why Join TECA?

TECA provides parents of 2e children with resources, community, understanding and tools for empowerment. TECA members will have the opportunity to contribute to our growing resource and referral directories and are eligible for special discounts on a variety of items and services*. The benefits of TECA membership include:

  • Reduced fees for TECA sponsored events, including TECA’s annual conference

  • Free or reduced fees for TECA online parent support groups and workshops

  • Discount subscription rates for the nationally acclaimed 2e Newsletter

  • Receive TECA’s bi-weekly newsletter, Insights

*TECA members will receive notice of new and updated services as they become available on our site. See Membership Programs and Services for more information.


TECA helps 2e children and their families.
Here is what a few had to say: 

“I became involved with TECA when my 3 twice-exceptional children were young and found it to be a great resource and source of support. As a school social worker at a center-based special education preschool program, TECA remains a great resource for the 2E children and families who attend our program. I regularly refer parents to the TECA website… TECA is to provide the education and support that is so crucial in helping these unique and wonderful children to achieve their full potential.”

-- Allison, Parent and Social Worker

“When I think of one organization and one person who has made an impact on the academic and social success of my twice exceptional son, it has to be TECA and Melissa Sornik. When I think of one organization and one person who supplied me with a wealth of information and support, which helped to alleviate my anxiety as a parent of an amazing, creative, yet often misunderstood twice exceptional child, it has to be TECA and Melissa Sornik.”

-- Anonymous Parent

“You are, and continue to be, a great support system for us. With your guidance and support, my tenacity, advocacy and a few key people who believed in her, my daughter is now maintaining a 90 average at Bronx High School of Science. Getting support and advice from the right people is everything!”

-- Mindy, a Parent

“My son will be 17 next week, and I have to say although his journey has been filled with angst and misunderstanding from school personnel, family and peers, he has evolved into an “out of the box” creative whirlwind, with talents and sensitivity that surpass the norm. He now fully accepts himself for who he is, and is for the most part at peace with it, because he has realized that it makes him who he is, and that is more than fine. That realization has taken years to become internalized, and without the guidance of TECA and Melissa Sornik this acceptance within himself, would never have come to fruition.”

-- Anonymous Parent

“My son is actually an only child, but I called him a middle child. He was too advanced to be part of most special needs groups yet not high functioning enough socially for typical groups. Therefore, he was in the MIDDLE. Academically, he soared, but socially he fell behind. I knew there had to be other kids out there like him SOMEWHERE. TECA put my mind at ease and let me know that indeed there were other children out there like mine. I was introduced to books, newsletters, sites, organizations, programs where I could contact and meet other parents in my shoes. I was not alone. Because of TECA I was able to network and find the right doctors, school, friends, camps and more. My son will be earning a Regents diploma, he’s taking the SATs and he will go to college. He wants a career in which he can help others.”

-- Renee, a Parent

“Because of TECA, Melissa Sornik, Wendy Eisner and many other individuals who gave of their hearts and time, I was first able to identify that my son was twice exceptional. I attended TECA’s workshops and lectures that Melissa and TECA’s staff were presenting. I read the books they recommended. I attended the parent support groups they ran and still run, which helped me and my family and I tremendously. My child participated in the Find-A-Friend program and his musical talent has always been supported by Melissa, especially when she invited him to sing in a fundraiser for 2 E kids, alongside famous musicians here on Long Island. The self-esteem he derived that day was immeasurable!“

-- Anonymous Parent

“Melissa and countless volunteers infused with passion and a yearning for the world to understand their wonderful children, have made THE difference in the life of my child. I will continue to be in awe of their amazing dedication to “our diamonds in the rough.”

-- a Parent

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